Approaching The Nursery

As a woodland nursery the rural location of our nursery is fantastic and we love it. The roads leading up to the nursery however are also very rural, and in the interest of safety we respectfully urge you to take extra special care when coming and going, and would appreciate it if you could please read the following travel advice. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Along Borde Hill Lane, from the South

(from Haywards Heath Direction)

As you come along Borde Hill Lane, you’ll pass Borde Hill gardens on your left. A little further along is the crest of a hill, and as you head down the other side Copyhold Lane is on the right. The right-turn junction is on a slope so please take care when stopping especially in cold or wet weather. When you enter Copyhold Lane, Rose Cottage is the first turning on the left shortly after the junction.

Along Borde Hill Lane, from the North

(from Balcombe Direction)

The junction onto Copyhold Lane from Borde Hill Lane here is very steep, and there is not much room on the slip road so we would recommend that you don’t use this to prevent any congestion backing on to Borde Hill Lane. We would ask if you please carry on past the junction and over the hill you can turn into Borde Hill Gardens, if you go into their car park you turn around and come into the junction from the south (see above). When exiting the nursery, the right turn from the Copyhold Lane is very steep and we would again recommend instead going left first and again turning round in the Borde hill gardens car park.

Along Copyhold Lane

This is a very typical narrow and winding country road that for much of the way is single lane. It can get used as a rat-run in peak times so please take care and look out for passing places.

Entering & Exiting The Car Park

The entrance into the car park is single lane and in order to prevent any congestion backing on to Copyhold Lane please ensure to give way to vehicles coming into the nursery rather than exiting. We share our car park with several other businesses which have very little vehicle movements. 
On entering the complex please take the first right past the picket fence and you’ll find ample parking.