Inspired by Nature

'The Natural Environment' is the basis of the ethos that Rose Cottage Day Nursery adopts. We believe that nature is beautiful and instils a respect in children for the environment.

We place great emphasis on children's individual learning and development as dictated by the Early Years Foundation Stage and we create this through use of innovative, natural resources and custom designed indoor and outdoor natural environments.

Rose Cottage believes that a welcoming, homely atmosphere is paramount. We will provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment where children are treated as individuals and feel respected, valued and confident. We are committed to providing a high quality childcare service for you and your child in anti-discriminatory surroundings; Promoting and endorsing an ethos of equal opportunities within the Nursery is of utmost importance to us and this is reflected through our practice.


Strong Foundations

Rose Cottage has a clear mission statement to provide quality care and education in a safe and stimulating environment. Under the guidance of an experienced Management Team, Rose Cottage Day Nursery provides for all the physical, emotional and educational needs of children from birth to five years.

We believe that reflective practice is the most effective way and through implementing such practice, it enables us to strive to achieve the highest quality care and Education under the current curriculum guidance and legislation.

We aim to raise standards and expectations in Childcare with our strong, passionate team who is renowned for their consistent and quality practice. Our compassionate Practitioners are carefully selected Educators & highly valued across all levels, with their multitude of skills, expertise and experience. They are truly dedicated, passionate and have a wonderful nurturing attitude. Our team lay the foundations for your child’s future success.


A Creative Mind

We shall encourage the children’s interests and allow them to build on their natural curiosity, to develop their language skills and mathematical thinking, use their imagination, be creative and enjoy physical play. We shall also encourage children to develop positive social relationships, and begin to understand the world around them.  We believe in rewarding achievement both of the children and Practitioners.

The Nursery is attractive in layout, provide interesting and informative displays, creating a positive, welcoming place to be.

Here at Rose Cottage, we understand and promote the importance of The United Nation Convention on the Rights of a Child and through reviewing and monitoring performance of staff we are able to ensure that we provide the best care to your child and you as a family.


Traditional Values

The planning and structure at Rose Cottage Day Nursery wholly support and reflect the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and the Every Child Matters agenda, ensuring that the individual child and their family is at the centre of all learning and development.

We will respect and pay due regards to each child’s individual needs taking into account their race, gender, ethnicity, language and disability. Children will experience acceptance, independence and empowerment, allowing confidence to flourish.

In planning the curriculum we will work towards incorporating positive opportunities for all children reflecting & celebrating diversity and addressing issues of race, culture, gender and disability offering each child equal access to support, development and learning. We will always welcome and encourage Parents to be involved in the life of the nursery. By building on these good relationships we hope to foster good social skills and a growing independence in the children.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Nursery Family. See you soon.